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I am in love with tulle skirts. It ticks every box. 

☑️ Stylish. 

☑️ Trending.  

☑️ Feminine.  

☑️ Casual or Classy. 

☑️ Beautiful and Bold. 
☑️ And something different to spice up your       outfit.

This past weekend I attended an event and wore my tulle skirt made by me. I paired it with a jeans and a classy nude heels. I did not want a look that would come of as formal but instead I went for a stylish, fresh and young look.

This is what inspired my look. If you are looking for something more modest in this look a nude long sleeve inner and you wouldn’t even notice the difference. 

And this was my #ootd for the event. It was a denim theme and off course I wore a nude inner inside with a white crop top over. My denim jacket is from H&M. 

A tulle skirt goes well with jeans and heels, that is basically the secret to this look. If you are looking for something different don’t oppose or wait any longer. 

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“How Should I Improve My Dresses Sense”

1. Know Your Season.

Don’t go out and buy a crop top during winter. Since it’s spring in SA and the weather is undecisive with it being hot and cold, how do we shop? Concentrate on shopping for summer wear, you can always pair a coat, jersey or jacket with your outfit.

2. Shop With A Friend.

Although I consider my taste better than my sisters (shh don’t tell them I said so). I prefer to shop with at least 1 of them. It’s always good to get feedback, not everyones taste is the same but shopping with a friend will help you choose to more or less what your sense of fashion is.

3. Consider your budget.

And this is where all girls find it hard, is the BUDGET! But what I do and this is the funny part, I collect all items that I simply love and go to a changing room. Try all item you have because not all will suit your body time and also certain items just look better on hangers, check your budget and choose what fits you best. That way no one will know you have a budget by choosing outfits and that you just love spending money while shopping.

4. Know What Clothes Fit You.

Like I said⬆️the changing room. Don’t be afraid to use them. I have no idea how many countless times I came home by judging the size and it didnt really fit properly before I learnt my lesson. Not all sizes are the same, eg: some size 6’s can be a bigger or smaller fit. Try your clothes out before purchasing than regretting it. 

5. Consider Your Colors

Don’t go out buying colors that doesn’t suit you. With certain complexions comes certain colors. Some people can pull of colors that people will say don’t suit them and other’s don’t. If you are feeling spontaneous buy it! It will come in use one day.

6. Feel The Materials.

It’s not a matter of what materials suit you but what materials you are pairing for your body. Never loose your body figure in the different materials. Fashion is not always comfortable, some clothing has a hard and irritatable texture but if you don’t mind wearing it. Style it!!! 

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5 Fashion Tips 

Does it get harder to dress everyday. That exhausting moment when you have to decide. Think no more because here’s my take on it. 5 fashion tips you should always keep in mind💡.

1. Loose On Loose 

Yes loose tops are my favorite but never wear it over a loose pants. Somewhere thru that outfit you loose your figure. 

   Tip : Tights and a loose top. Loose pants               and a tight top. If you are going                      formal then a fitted top will go well               (it’s not tight and overly loose). 

2. Your shoe and bag should match. 

This is my number 1 rule when picking out an outfit. Bag and shoe must always match. You don’t want to be to colour cordinate but you should want the colors to resemble. 

  Tip : If you don’t have a colour bag choose            a scarf, a headband or tie a small                   scarf around the handle of your bag to         get that resemblance of colors. 

3. Never wear silver and gold jewelry together. 

Silver and gold are the opposite, kind of like oil and water. It doesn’t mix well. Either wear silver or gold but not both! 

  Tip : Excessive jewelry is not a must. A                   simple necklace or a bracelet is                       perfect. It shows elegance effortlessly. 

4. Don’t mix together different prints. 

Even the slightest print. Just don’t mix it with another print. There is just to much happening when you do and isn’t very attractive. You bring the kind of attention you don’t want. 

Tip : Style the outfit with the same print. Or           a plain colour to go with a print. 

5. Leave the sparkling for the evening. 

Glitter wear during the day? For me that’s over the top and to extravagant. There’s a time and place for that. 

Tip : Trade the glitter in for metallic as a              day look. It has that shine but not as             much compared to the glitter. 

 And there you have it. My style secret. 

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Embroidery or Not?! 

Hi there my little stylers.
Had the best shopping spree weekend ever. As every local shop had an extra discount and I bought this lovely black embroidered top. I am a self taught fashion designer and have been going crazy over embroidery these past few months and made a few of my own scarves which I will share shortly. I paired it with a black scarf which obviously has been my colour lately. It’s so convenient and goes with almost everything. 

Back to my crazy obsession with embroidery, how a simple pattern can bring such ellagnace to an outfit and since I know how to whom you tube was very helpful with learning how to. I now can turn a simple and plain t-shirt into a new style. 

Top is from @edgarsfashion 

And the scarf is just 1 of my many more creations I have in store so watch this space!!!

Follow me on Instagram: @nazia_mullah 

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Fashion quote of the day 

How many of you feel confident when putting on an outfit? Or looking for a reason to get all dressed up? 

And how many of you feel shy and not confident because of the people around us who think fashion is no big deal? 

You are your own person, if you want to wear heels on an ordinary day wear the damn heels! 

If you want to be extra and overly dress by all means do it! Because your fashion is your opinion. Everyone has their own style which makes them who they are but every now and then stepping out of your comfort zone is good. 

To all those who are sad, heartbroken and going thru 1 of the toughest battles in life right now. Get up, put on your best outfit and smile. I know it doesn’t take away the sadness but it surely does make you feel good for at least a period of time. Take a picture, step outside, take a walk. Some people rely on fashion to get thru life. 

Never feel afraid to be who you are thru fashion because it itself is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. 

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Go to outfit in seconds. 

Pairing a high waist pants with anything is almost daring. Everyone’s fashionable taste is different but here’s the secret to my outfit. I threw this outfit together within seconds because of my lack in timing. I knew I was going to have a busy and hot day and decided to be comfortable. What’s better than heaven than a loose pants! 

Anyway back to how to put together an outfit within seconds, it’s easy! Black and white (garments), why? Because of the contrast between the 2. You recognize the black and white and yet it goes so well together whether it is black on black or white on white though most people would think it is such boring colors. Floral looks extraordinary on black on black or white on white. Adding that denim jacket really set this outfit for me, I felt confident and comfortable and although the denim was the only outstanding colour it didn’t make me feel dull. 

So black and white does the “get dress in seconds” look. Whether it is plain and simple or a little funky with colour like a check shirt tied around the waist, a jacket over the shoulders, colorful bead necklaces, eg: a maroon/olive scarf or a colour shoe. To pair a colour with a black and white outfit is like 1 + 1 and that’s your go to outfit in seconds. It’s easy and simple and black after all is classy. 

Add a touch of assecories to level up your outfit. Keep it simple to avoid the colour matching as well as the shoes focus on the 1 colour and blend it all in. 

For all those who love this style please feel free to use this method, it makes life so easy when you are in a rush. That’s my secret to an easy and effortless style. 

You have to start somewhere. 

The picture says it all for a start and is sometimes placed on clothes as a style. That’s how fashion works, we’re always moving from trend to trend. Welcome to stylesecret. Where the easiest styling is showed from running a quick errand to a night out. That’s not all, stay tuned for modest wear and yes that’s right MODEST because the struggle is real. For all you hijabis who find it hard to shop for cool clothes while still dressing modestly, relax! we are surely going to get to the bottom of that issue. As well as discount shopping, we all love a good discount and to save where we can. Hope you all are going to enjoy what’s yet to come because I have all the style secrets.