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Summer vacay styles

First of all Happy New Year to all and second I’m back with a bang of new secret styles in store and with the launch of my very first collection coming soon. Watch this space and keep up with my updates for more to come.

Since I haven’t blogged in a while here’s a late update of my summer styles.


Beach days were my favorite because I went from cool silk tops and backpacks to swimwear. You can shop this top at #foschini.


Yes it was a cloudy day but not having a beach around where you stay, you’ll basically swim even if it was pouring rain. This throw over skirt was made by me and I loved how efficient it was. You can basically style any colour top and rock the beach any cloudy day.


I also got back into playing tennis. Let’s not forget how comfy these shoes are. Blowing of some steam plus working out and enjoying the summer days.


My favorite, many wear an off shoulder on its own but because I’m into modest wear and still trying to improve it all I had to do was dress this with a plain t shirt and I loved it.


Jumpsuit, shirt and sneakers, a weird combo until you piece it together and get this outcome. Many are not crazy about this look but I can see myself in more of this style.


Pallezo pants also made by me @iliyacollection_bynazia. Easy, breathable, comfy and cool.

I’m not hyped that summer is over, I mean it’s still summer but the vacay part of it is over. I am however excited and overwhelmed about my goals in 2018 and if there’s one thing I learnt from last year is that time doesn’t wait around for you. Go out and make what you do worth while, make every outfit count. Be confident and make your own trends, not all the fish in the ocean is the same. #stylesecret You can also follow me on Instagram for more styles @nxzia_m

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3 Of My Best and Worse CMA Dresses. 



Jessie James Decker oh my God. Not many can pull off a red dress and not only is she wearing a classic red but she also rocked it and wore it like a glove with that baby bump. The earings, the hair, the bag and that glow on her face she is definetly my favorite and best dressed!!!

Kelsea bellerini. I have no words for this dress it’s beautiful she’s beautiful! Out of all the white dresses on the red carpet she wore this to the t. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the detail of the work, no words!

Carrie underwood can we all take a moment to appreciate her style throughout the night starting from this blue dress, I cannot find a fault here. Those ruffles and that off shoulder look. She looked stunning in all her dresses from the pink to the breathtaking white dress she wore as she took the stage.


Maren Mollis. This dress I’m speechless but not In a good way. That net just ruined the whole dress. Not my favorite at all for the night.

Karen Fairchild. There are so many ways you can pull off a bell sleeve. That’s all I have to say for this dress. 

Brittany snow. I love her so much but right now I hate that dress alot more. There’s no shape of her body at all in this dress. I don’t find this dress flattering. She can do so much better. 

  My Best And Worse Dress For The     Night.

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Maintaining A Closet 

Is it hard to prioritize a clean closet into your schedule? Messy or unwanted clothes? A closet hoarder? 

It’s always so hard to get rid of clothes or maintain a clean closet when you busy or in a hurry. I’ve been there and maybe still trying to get pass the old habits. If there’s 1 thing I’ve taught myself :


Yes yes yes!!! Procrastinating letting go of clothes you think you might need in future outfits, needs to stop. With all the shopping us ladies do we just have to let some things go and keep up with trends. It’s very rare that some trends come back in a short period of time so get rid of the clothes you haven’t used in a while. 


All ladies can agree that we have a dumping corner I would be lying if I said I didn’t have 1 of those corners. Putting together an outfit in your head and actually wearing it is 2 different things and we can agree our closets/bedrooms becomes the exact replica of a jungle. We get done right up until the last minute which leaves us with no time to clean up our mess. Rather put away the clothes we try on as we go otherwise we are left with mountains of clothes in “the corner”.  


This is why tidying up as we go is crucial so that we don’t end up messy cupboards. In case of emergencies it’s always good to know where is what so you can just grab. A messy cupboard can result in many delays. There is no confidence is what you will want to find. Always keep it clean and tidy.


It’s not really necessary to have your clothes in a colour coordinate way especially for those who don’t have OCD but it is good to coordinate dress type. Have all your jeans together, dress on that side, coats here and so you get the picture. For those who love colour coordinate go ahead as long as you remember the colour of your outfits and where it is. What works for me is the coordinate dress type it’s easy and efficient.



Unless you have this type of shoe closet 

You have no worries but for us that do not, it can be a bit tricky when especially you are a big lover of shoes and have no where to put it. I keep my shoes in the shoe box it comes in for many reasons that include good care, neatness and space wise. Each box indicates what shoe it is making it is easier to grab and go.


Hats, bags, jewelry, hijabs (scarves), belts. Where do we pack these stuff when our cupboards have no space. I have added extra screws to my cupboard doors to hang all my chains belts and hats. You can also keep 1 shelf of your cupboard for bags and as for jewelry I bought these little vintage cups and keep all earrings watches etc in.  Hijabs ps. My favorite or if you just like scarves for winter outfits, fold them up neatly and hang it on a hanger and place it on the very end of your closet.

 TIPS : give the clothes you haven’t used in 6 months to charity. Always prioritize your cupboard, fashion is a part of our daily lives what we wear defines the confidence and vibe we let off to others. Work with what you got and always make room for new outfits. 

And that’s my secret to maintaining a clean closet. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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I am in love with tulle skirts. It ticks every box. 

☑️ Stylish. 

☑️ Trending.  

☑️ Feminine.  

☑️ Casual or Classy. 

☑️ Beautiful and Bold. 
☑️ And something different to spice up your       outfit.

This past weekend I attended an event and wore my tulle skirt made by me. I paired it with a jeans and a classy nude heels. I did not want a look that would come of as formal but instead I went for a stylish, fresh and young look.

This is what inspired my look. If you are looking for something more modest in this look a nude long sleeve inner and you wouldn’t even notice the difference. 

And this was my #ootd for the event. It was a denim theme and off course I wore a nude inner inside with a white crop top over. My denim jacket is from H&M. 

A tulle skirt goes well with jeans and heels, that is basically the secret to this look. If you are looking for something different don’t oppose or wait any longer. 

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“How Should I Improve My Dresses Sense”

1. Know Your Season.

Don’t go out and buy a crop top during winter. Since it’s spring in SA and the weather is undecisive with it being hot and cold, how do we shop? Concentrate on shopping for summer wear, you can always pair a coat, jersey or jacket with your outfit.

2. Shop With A Friend.

Although I consider my taste better than my sisters (shh don’t tell them I said so). I prefer to shop with at least 1 of them. It’s always good to get feedback, not everyones taste is the same but shopping with a friend will help you choose to more or less what your sense of fashion is.

3. Consider your budget.

And this is where all girls find it hard, is the BUDGET! But what I do and this is the funny part, I collect all items that I simply love and go to a changing room. Try all item you have because not all will suit your body time and also certain items just look better on hangers, check your budget and choose what fits you best. That way no one will know you have a budget by choosing outfits and that you just love spending money while shopping.

4. Know What Clothes Fit You.

Like I said⬆️the changing room. Don’t be afraid to use them. I have no idea how many countless times I came home by judging the size and it didnt really fit properly before I learnt my lesson. Not all sizes are the same, eg: some size 6’s can be a bigger or smaller fit. Try your clothes out before purchasing than regretting it. 

5. Consider Your Colors

Don’t go out buying colors that doesn’t suit you. With certain complexions comes certain colors. Some people can pull of colors that people will say don’t suit them and other’s don’t. If you are feeling spontaneous buy it! It will come in use one day.

6. Feel The Materials.

It’s not a matter of what materials suit you but what materials you are pairing for your body. Never loose your body figure in the different materials. Fashion is not always comfortable, some clothing has a hard and irritatable texture but if you don’t mind wearing it. Style it!!! 

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5 Fashion Tips 

Does it get harder to dress everyday. That exhausting moment when you have to decide. Think no more because here’s my take on it. 5 fashion tips you should always keep in mind💡.

1. Loose On Loose 

Yes loose tops are my favorite but never wear it over a loose pants. Somewhere thru that outfit you loose your figure. 

   Tip : Tights and a loose top. Loose pants               and a tight top. If you are going                      formal then a fitted top will go well               (it’s not tight and overly loose). 

2. Your shoe and bag should match. 

This is my number 1 rule when picking out an outfit. Bag and shoe must always match. You don’t want to be to colour cordinate but you should want the colors to resemble. 

  Tip : If you don’t have a colour bag choose            a scarf, a headband or tie a small                   scarf around the handle of your bag to         get that resemblance of colors. 

3. Never wear silver and gold jewelry together. 

Silver and gold are the opposite, kind of like oil and water. It doesn’t mix well. Either wear silver or gold but not both! 

  Tip : Excessive jewelry is not a must. A                   simple necklace or a bracelet is                       perfect. It shows elegance effortlessly. 

4. Don’t mix together different prints. 

Even the slightest print. Just don’t mix it with another print. There is just to much happening when you do and isn’t very attractive. You bring the kind of attention you don’t want. 

Tip : Style the outfit with the same print. Or           a plain colour to go with a print. 

5. Leave the sparkling for the evening. 

Glitter wear during the day? For me that’s over the top and to extravagant. There’s a time and place for that. 

Tip : Trade the glitter in for metallic as a              day look. It has that shine but not as             much compared to the glitter. 

 And there you have it. My style secret. 

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Embroidery or Not?! 

Hi there my little stylers.
Had the best shopping spree weekend ever. As every local shop had an extra discount and I bought this lovely black embroidered top. I am a self taught fashion designer and have been going crazy over embroidery these past few months and made a few of my own scarves which I will share shortly. I paired it with a black scarf which obviously has been my colour lately. It’s so convenient and goes with almost everything. 

Back to my crazy obsession with embroidery, how a simple pattern can bring such ellagnace to an outfit and since I know how to whom you tube was very helpful with learning how to. I now can turn a simple and plain t-shirt into a new style. 

Top is from @edgarsfashion 

And the scarf is just 1 of my many more creations I have in store so watch this space!!!

Follow me on Instagram: @nazia_mullah 

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